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Is this a Septic/Grease trap pumping emergency?
  1. You cannot flush

    1. Check your tank's inlet pipe and see if the tank is at the normal working level or if your can see the inlet pipe if you can see it or at normal working level you have a plug from the house to the tank.

  2. It is backing up into your house

    1. Check your tank's inlet pipe and see if the tank is at the normal working level or if you can see the inlet pipe if you can see it or at normal working level you have a plug from the house to the tank.


  1. It is running out of the lids on to the ground

    1. You need to call us so we can pump the tank and look at the leach field.

Septic Tank Owner's Guide

Check out our Septic Tank Owner’s Guide for helpful tips on system maintenance:

Front Range Septic Tank Owner’s Guide

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Septic Inspection

Can Front Range septic do them. Yes we are certified by the National Association of Wastewater Technicians to Perform inspections.

What is it and do I need one done?

  1. Are you pumping your septic for regular maintenance or for the sale of my house or dividing of my land

If it is for Regular Maintenance:

No, you don’t need to do a septic inspection. We will look at your system and go over it with you and notify you of anything that may need attention at that time or down the road.


If your selling:

  1. What county is the property that is being serviced in?

Weld County

  1. You will need to get a weld pumpers cleaners checklist which is an observation of the condition we find the system in at the time of pumping and will fill out a report of this.  

Larimer County

  1. You will need to have a Transfer of title paperwork filled out buy a technician that has a certification from the National Association of Wastewater Technicians. 

  2. It requires us to pump the tank and inspect the functional ably of the system and then fill out forms and paperwork with the county of our findings at the time of the service of the system.


Septic Pumping

No Matter what your septic tank size is, the system will need to get pumped on a regular service interval of 3-5 years. This is when calling in professionals to empty and clean the septic system so it will keep it functioning properly in the future.  Pumping removes all liquid and sludge from the tank in a way that’s fast, safe, sanitary, and good for the environment. We are licensed and insured. To help protect the environment, we only dispose of materials at authorized facilities.


Grease Trap Service

A Grease trap intercepts Fats, oil, and grease (fog) that go down the drains from restaurants, hotels, and nursing homes. They are an important part of a city’s sewer system to keep the lines clean and flowing to the sewer plant. That’s why it is important to get them serviced on regular intervals. Some of the cities have regulations on how often they are required to be serviced. What determines the service intervals otherwise is tank size and usage. The tank can be tested for the different layers in the grease trap to determine the (fog) Percentage. Which most cities require pumping if that percentage is above 25%. We Can help reduce the frequency that the tank needs to be serviced due to the way we service a grease trap. We will mix the liquid and (fog) into a slurry to be able to pump it. Which allows us to pump more of it out well working to the bottom of the tank. Then we will begin to pressure wash the walls, baffles, and the bottom of the tank with the 4000 psi of water. We have different length wands, Nozzles, and angles parts to allow us to clean the whole tank and get the fog off the bottom. So that each time your tank is getting serviced we are taking the (fog) with us. 



Risers Bring the lids up closer or to the surface. We can sell you all the parts to install yourself or have one of our trained tech to install them.


We Stock two different styles.

Poly lok (plastic)  




Vaults have to be pumped on a regular basis because they don’t have a leach for the liquid to drain into. We can set you up on regular service intervals so we are there to pump the tank at the time the system is almost full, or you can call and schedule it with us when it gets full.


Small Interior Grease Trap Pumping

How has your little tank that is inside your restaurant been being serviced? By running their greasy dirty hose all the way through your store or dumping it out into a bucket. Let’s stop all that nonsense and hire Front Range septic to service it the right way. We will bring in a small mobile vac tank that makes very little noise, customer disturbance and it is quick which reduces the smell left behind.  


Ling Scoping - Take a Look & Check it out

We have a camera that we can scope the line for breakages, Sales of a house or any other issues you mite be having with a sewer line. We also use it to help locate systems.


Locating Services

We can use Different ways of locating a septic system. 

  1. Look up county records and mapping

  2. Look on the property for some signs of were a tank is (no growth dry spots in the yard)

  3. Probing 

  4. Sending a Camera down the line and locating the camera.


Adding Risers after this is a good opportunity so you don’t have to ever go through this again by having the lids at the surface.


RV Pumping

We can service your rv and pump the black and gray tanks. Without you having to move your haul your RV to a dump station. This is a great option if you're only staying for a short time in the area and want the convenience of not having to move. If you're planning on a longer stay, ask about our Small tank rentals. We are very trained to be careful to service it will not cause a mess and to protect the tanks of the RV to not cause damage.


RV Long term & Small tank Rentals

We offer tanks that you can rent from us that you can attach your sewer line hose from your RV. You can drain both your black and gray liquids into the tank to keep everything environmentally friendly and safe. Then call us to service it by pumping it out. We have them used while you’re building a house, Remodeling, and Long stays with Family.


Jetting Services

Jetting is when you need to release blockages in the lines to get the fluid to follow to the septic system or city sewer. It also can be used  to unfreeze the line in the winter.

Grease Trap Pumping

Let's Work Together

As the pumper truck driver, Josh has been the face of Front Range Septic and a big part of building the company’s reputation as the best grease trap and septic tank pumping operation in the area. Now, as owner and driver, he’s in an even better position to achieve his goal of educating Northern Colorado residents on proper septic tank and grease trap maintenance.

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