Have you ever been driving on the highway and saw The Turdinator fly by? Okay, maybe not so much fly by, but slowly and cautiously roll by — that’s us! Front Range Septic’s trucks are not only identifiable by their fire truck red color and bright yellow text, but also for our memorable slogan, “The Turdinator.”

Our Turdinator trucks are the number one tool that helps us get our job done. We’ve been serving businesses and residents all over Northern Colorado for over 10 years with timely, professional, and dependable pumping services. Our pumping services include both septic tanks and grease traps and without The Turdinator trucks, we’d be nowhere.

So we want to tell you a little more about our trucks to help you understand all the parts that go into a pumping service and why our trucks are a little different than most pumper trucks.

The Turdinator Features

The Turdinator has many features to help us get the job done effectively and efficiently.

We specifically designed our trucks to have pressure washers on them, as we feel this is an important part of cleaning a tank and line jetting. Not all pumper trucks have pressure washers on them.

We also use mechanical mixers on our trucks. These mixers are designed specifically for septic tanks and make our pumpers job easier by mixing the solids and liquids in the tank. This ensures that the tank gets cleaned properly.

The most important feature of our trucks are the drivers/pumpers that service our clients. They are the real heroes in this business. They are the face of our company and are trained to provide excellent customer service and educate our clients on their systems. They must practice safe driving, be knowledgeable on the different types of septic systems, help identify problems with septic tanks and leach fields, and be courteous as they perform their work.

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to be a septic pumper when they grow up, but someone has to do it, and our pumpers do it with pride.

Meet The Turdinator

Give Front Range Septic a call today and meet The Turdinator for yourself. We would love to come out to your residence or business and show you what we can do. We offer reasonably priced services and stand by the quality of our services. So whether you’re in need of grease trap or septic pumping service, The Turdinator is here to help.