Today’s blog focuses on reading the hosts file with PowerShell. Though there are many reasons that someone may modify the hosts file of a machine, it can easily get out of hand with entries scattered about your network. In this article I am going to show youHow to change hosts file in Windows 10. Whenever you are going to install any cracked software , you may need to change the hosts file. Since, administrator access is needed to make changes to hosts file you may find it a little difficult to add items to it.

Block Malware – There are various Hosts file projects that provide with custom Hosts files that include lists of all kinds of malicious, harmful, and phishing websites. Using one of those in place of the default Windows Hosts file adds another layer of protection to your computer. Block Trackers – Adding the IP addresses of tracking networks and websites disables tracking, and decreases the web page load time.

Windows Script Host Error FAQ

Likewise, in OSX, you can do the same thing. This article will be using CentOS 7 and the Nano text editor for Linux and vim for OSX. To begin editing the hosts file, issue the following command in Linux. You can use the windows hosts file to block access to sites this is very handy for blocking adverting sites and well known adware and malware sites. See How to block advertising with the windows hosts file for more information on this topic.

  • Perhaps more importantly, given that we are just talking about adding another line of text to the Hosts file, I see no real harm in covering all bases.
  • After you add the domain information and save the file, your system begins to resolve to the IP address that you specified.
  • You will have to forward port 80 to your server which would have to be on the same network.

Both portable and setup installer versions are available. This will make Facebook inaccessible on the computer , as you can see by watching the short download msvcp120_dll video below. Do note that some websites may or may not require www in the domain name because of redirection. For example, Facebook requires a website like Twitter does not. If in doubt, you can use both to ensure the block works. There must be a separate, uniquely named, hostsfile for each zone.

A Simple FIX for Unable to Save Hosts File Issue in Windows 10

In this case, the tool might help you recover the file that the Windows Script Host is looking for. If it doesn’t, then you can rest assured that the problem won’t occur again once you’ve managed to get the file via other means. The CHKDSK utility is designed to find bad sectors on the hard drive and prevent your system from ever using those sectors.

This configuration monitors swap space, system load, total processes, logged in users, and disk usage. Having successfully installed NRPE and nagios plugins on the remote linux server, log in to Nagios Server and install EPEL package. After you are done, save the changes and exit the text editor. To start the NSClient service, click on the Start menu and click on the ‘Start NSClient ++’ option. The installation process will start and will take a couple of seconds to complete. Click ‘Finish’ to complete the installation and exit the Wizard.