Have you ever wondered where your septic waste goes after it’s pumped out of your tank?

Septic waste (aka septage) is the excrement and material taken out of a septic tank or pump chamber. It generally has a strong odor and could be the host to many disease invested viruses, parasites, and bacteria. Once the waste is pumped out of the septic tank by a certified septic pumper, it must be properly disposed of.

However, many homeowners don’t know where their septic waste goes once it’s pumped out of their tank. It’s important to know where your waste goes to ensure you’re abiding by the law and properly getting rid of your waste.

Where Your Septic Waste Goes

The final destination of your septic waste is governed by federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The following options are the most common ways that septic companies use to dispose of septage after pumping.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Generally, septage is delivered to a municipal wastewater treatment plant. At the treatment plant, the sewage is put into tanks and cleared of toxic chemicals so it can be used as fertilizer. During this process, the waste settles in tanks to get rid of the toxins. Oxygen is added to the wastewater it help speed up the growth of microorganisms. The microorganisms then treat the water by consuming the toxic chemicals. Then once the wastewater is treated it’s released back into the world and the leftover sludge is dried and made into pellet fertilizer.

Certified Disposal Field

In some cases, your septic tank contents may be taken to a certified disposal field. This method is used when an agricultural site has a certified disposal field. The site must meet the designated criteria to allow for legal and eco-friendly disposal. A field is a great option because it’s not only cost effective, but it helps the environment and agricultural site since sewage is an excellent form of fertilizer.

Legal Regulations

All septic service companies must abide by legal regulations in regards to waste removal. Every company must have a permit to discard the waste. They will also pay the fees to the site that disposes of the waste, and they will keep a record of every single disposal in order to properly follow the procedure. The legal regulations are a vital component to getting rid of septic waste and will make sure that the waste does not cause harm to the environment when it’s discarded.

Hire a Septic Waste Professional

Most people like to have their septic system completely taken care of, without having to worry about where the waste ends up.

Front Range Septic will ensure that your septic tank is not only cleaned and pumped, but that the septic waste is properly disposed of once the job is done. Call us today and stop worrying about your septic system maintenance.