Septic tank risers are an important part of a septic system. Since septic tanks are located underground, it’s useful to have risers installed because they make accessing the tank easier.

For anyone with a septic system, it’s important to take care your system and schedule cleaning services every 3-4 years. It’s also the homeowner’s duty to know where the lids are located and to make the system easily accessible for pumpers to inspect, service, and clean out.

In this blog, we will discuss what septic tank risers are, why they’re beneficial, and how to get them installed.

Definition of Septic Tank Risers

Septic tank risers are adapters that are generally made up of concrete or plastic. They’re placed over the top of the septic tank access ports to extend the openings so that they’re closer to ground surface. They are added to the system in order to raise the stature of the septic tank top.

septic risers

Septic tank risers completed with new lids to bring them to the surface

Benefits of Septic Tank Risers

There are many benefits to having septic risers installed. Plus they are easy to add to your current system. The main advantages to purchasing septic risers are below.

Save Money

Installing septic tank risers is a one-time fee that covers the cost of materials and labor. Pumpers have to charge for the additional time and mechanical or manual labor used to find and dig up septic tank lids. If you have risers installed on your tank, you won’t have to pay any additional fees in the future.  

In addition, it will be easier to identify if you are having problems with your septic system internally if the lids are readily accessible.

starter rings

Starter rings installed on top of tank access ports

Save Time & Yard Damage

You won’t have to worry about locating and digging up your lids, regardless of the weather. Digging in frozen ground, disturbing your lawn, digging in the mud, etc. will not be necessary if your tank needs an emergency service in inclement weather.

septic tank access

Septic tank access point below grade

Your Septic System Will Be Current with State & County Code

New state and county regulations require new construction to meet the following: each riser lid must be watertight, brought to or above the surface, and must have a secure closing mechanism, such as a lock, special headed bolts or screws, or sufficient weight (defined as 59 lbs) to prevent unauthorized access.

All modern risers are made with a watertight seal that goes between the base flange and septic tank. In addition, all new plastic lids utilize special headed bolts and screws when secured to the risers to prevent anyone from easily removing the lid. If concrete lids weigh 59 lbs they also may be used.

Ensuring that your lid meets these guidelines will avert children or anyone else from removing or tampering with the lid. This will prevent the possibility of anyone potentially falling into the septic tank, which could be fatal.

concrete lids

60 lb concrete lids

Avoid Additional Cost When You Sell Your Home

In Northern Colorado, many buyers hire on home inspectors before they purchase a home. We have noticed that home inspectors will write up existing septic systems that don’t have lids at the surface – this causes headaches for both sellers and buyers.

Having risers on your septic system will help avoid this issue if you choose to sell your property in the future. In addition, as a buyer you might want to consider risers at ground level as part of your new home purchase.

two foot concrete riser

Two-foot concrete riser

Septic Riser Installation

Are you ready to take your septic system to next level? Front Range Septic installs top of the line septic tank risers in Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, and all of Northern Colorado. So what are you waiting for? Save money and protect your system today by giving us a call at 970-302-0457.