Every septic tank requires proper maintenance for optimal functionality. That’s why it’s so important to know when your tank needs to be pumped.

If you are a homeowner, septic tank maintenance often falls to the back of our minds when we consider all the factors that contribute to a functioning home. However, neglecting your septic tank until there is an emergency can be costly to fix or replace. Not to mention the undesirable symptoms that come with septic tank malfunction.

Investing in septic tank  maintenance is worth its weight in gold. It gives the owner a feeling of security because you know it won’t jeopardize the value of your home.  So be kind to your septic tank, because it puts up with a lot of crap. Here are some common signs to help you determine if your septic tank needs to be pumped.

Signs Your Septic Tank Needs to be Pumped

Pools of Water

If you find a pool of water near your septic drain field, it’s a common indicator that your septic tank is at capacity, and is now overflowing. This is because when a tank reaches capacity, the waste clogs the piping system that leads to the drain field, which then pushes the liquid up to the surface.

Draining Issues

Clogged or slow drains are another indicator that your septic tank is full and needs to be pumped. However, it is possible that the drain could just be clogged and the tank is not full.  Call your local septic pumper and they can help you determine if it is the tank or a clogged drain.

Gurgling Toilets

If you hear your toilet gurgling or have a toilet backup, it might be time to have your septic tank serviced. Typically lower level toilets that are located in the basement or first level of your home will be the first to show signs of trouble.

A Strong Odor

Detecting a foul odor in your home or yard can be another red flag concerning the health of your septic tank. Especially if the unwanted aromas linger for more than 24 hours. An odor usually occurs when your tank is reaching capacity and in need of a pumping.

Discolored Lawn

If you notice a patch of your yard that is flourishing with vibrant green grass, this could also be a bad sign for your septic tank. This is because there will likely be a leak in the septic system that is nourishing that part of your lawn.

Sewage Backup

If you experience sewage backup in any room of your house (ie: toilet, sinks, bathtub or laundry room), a full septic tank is probably the culprit. And you should definitely contact a professional pumper before the backup gets out of hand.

Hire a Professional Pumper

If your septic tank needs to be pumped, it’s essential to call in a professional. Front Range Septic offers quality septic tank cleaning and maintenance at an affordable price. They also specialize in commercial grease trap cleaning. They are dependable, courteous, and environmentally responsible. Give us a call today to get your septic tank the best services in Northern Colorado.