It’s important to know when you’re in need of septic system replacement or repair services. From blockages to failing parts, there are many issues that could go wrong with a septic system if it’s not properly maintained.

If you’re facing issues with your septic system, you will want to identify the problem and then decide whether you need a replacement or a repair service. Repair services can be minimal compared to replacing a system.

The first step to determining if you need a septic system replacement or repair is to identify the problem. Once you find out what’s wrong with your septic system, you can easily find the best solution that will be the most affordable for you.

In this blog, we will explain the signs that your system has a problem and how to handle the problems when they arise.

Signs of a Problem

When there is a problem with your septic system, you’ll know. Common signs of a malfunctioning system include:

  • strong odor
  • clogged pipes or sewer backup
  • soggy leach field
  • Toilets gurgling

If signs of septic system problems are evident, you should take action immediately. You want to ensure everything gets back up and running as soon as possible. Also, you will want to prevent further damage to the system or your home.

How to Handle Your Problem

Here are the ways to handle some of the problems that may arise:

Sewage in Your House

First off, you need to clean up the mess cautiously so that no one in your home gets sick. Then, you need to figure out if the water level in your septic tank is above or below the inlet or outlet pipe by opening the lids of the septic tank. You can do this on your own or you can hire a professional to do this.

If the water is higher than the inlet or outlet pipes, this means that the problem is coming from the tank  or leach field. You should have a professional pump your tank and figure out what the  problem might be. This allows the pumper to see whether there is a serious problem, like a clogged filter at the outlet, broken pipes, blockage, or failing leach field.

If the water is lower than the outlet, this means that the pipe connecting the tank to the house may be clogged. This can be an easy fix by calling a drain cleaning company or plumber to snake the clogged line.

Soggy or Smelly Leach Field

Keep everyone away from the area that’s soggy, especially if there is standing water. Make sure that pets and unaware children don’t make their way over to a potential biohazard. Have your septic tank pumped and cut back on your water usage. This should reduce the odor.

Failed Leach field Systems

When leach field systems fail, it’s often due to the lack of pumping. When a system isn’t pumped enough, sludge and scum layers can grow thick enough to where there isn’t enough room for wastewater to pool. This allows for grease and solids to enter the leach field and clog it. There are a few possible remedies to rejuvenate a leach field, but you would need to call a licensed septic pumper for suggestions.

If it is determined that the leach field has failed, the only alternative is to abandon it and build a new one.You will then want to be sure to maintain the new leach field with scheduled pumping maintenance to avoid failure again.

Septic System Replacement

If the leach field needs to be replaced, sometimes the tank will also have damage and need replacement. The price to replace the tank will vary based on the level of damage done. The maintenance company will let you know which parts need replacement.

One way to save money is if the leach field fails, but the septic tank itself is still usable. You can save money by reusing your tank. Plus then you don’t have to tear up your yard as much. However, if it makes sense to move the tank then this would be a good time to do it.

Get the Help You Need

Front Range Septic serves all of Northern Colorado with reliable septic and grease trap services. We can assist both individuals and commercial businesses. Our goal is to provide quality cleaning, maintenance, pumping, and repair services for a reasonable price.

If you experience any issues with your septic system tank, contact Front Range Septic today. We have an extremely experienced team that can identify the problem quickly and fix it efficiently.