Regardless of all the stereotypes of potential disasters with septic tanks, it remains to be seen that they are truly a great waste system for your home if maintained properly and can prove to be economically and environmentally friendly over traditional city sewer systems.

Part of proper maintenance is making sure your family uses the best bathroom tissue for your septic system. There are, generally speaking, three distinct types of bathroom tissue that will align with your septic tank, each with differing results – “Biodegradable,” “Recycled,” and “Septic-safe” and brief overviews of each follow.

Three Types of Safe Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks

Biodegradable Toilet Tissue

Biodegradable tissue is a specially manufactured paper that is designed to break down quicker in your septic tank than other types. This is primarily due to its unique construction which uses shorter fibers than traditional toilet tissue, so therefore can break apart easier when submerged.

However, a disadvantage reported by many users is that this type of toilet paper can possibly break apart easier while being used, due to these shorter fibers. Also, the overall quality of the tissue can be less soft and luxurious as typical toilet tissues, thus less desirable.

Recycled Bathroom Tissue 

Recycled bathroom tissue is exactly what its name implies – made from recycled paper and manufactured into toilet tissue. It is another top choice for the best overall care of your septic system, but also carries some similar negative reports.

In some cases recycled toilet paper breaks apart easier due to shorter fibers, and also it does not have a pure white appearance, due to the elimination of chlorine bleach during the manufacturing process. Chlorine is a chemical that can cause harm to septic tanks and ground waters, so removing it is a positive. However, some consumers don’t like the fact that recycled tissue often appears more tan colored than traditional white.

“Septic-Safe” Toilet Paper

The final bathroom tissues type is called “Septic-Safe,” and the main difference between this type and the others presented here, is that it is primarily focused on septic use, and is rigorously tested to break down quickly and completely, and to abide by guidelines of NSF International, the organization which oversees this type of waste water and sanitation issue.

Ultimately, all three types have their pros and cons for your septic system. You can find some “water in a jar” tissue breakdown tests online.

Even after finding the tissue that most closely meets guidelines for environmentally friendly breakdown in your septic, it will likely still be a balance of touch, feel, and luxury combined with “earth-friendliness” that wins your final approval.

Does Toilet Paper Choice Really Matter?

Over the long run, which toilet paper you use can have a big impact on the health of your septic system.

As a provider of septic tank pumping, maintenance, and repair services across Northern Colorado, we run into lots of cases of poorly cared for systems that eventually stop functioning as intended.

Putting the wrong things down your drains can lead to backups that create smelly, dangerous, and expensive problems.

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