Restaurants and food service companies generate a ton of grease waste every day. If the waste is not properly managed and disposed of, there could be many environmental issues.

Grease traps (aka grease interceptors) are used to capture the grease and oil from food so it doesn’t go into the wastewater disposal system and clog the drains. The grease waste from the trap must be properly taken care of in order to abide by regulations and keep the facility functioning effectively. That’s why it’s essential that you know where your grease goes.

As a business owner, you are responsible for your grease trap and maintenance services. You are also responsible for discarding your grease trap waste. By hiring the right company and knowing where the grease goes, you will be able to ensure you are getting rid of the waste in the correct manner.

Where Your Grease Waste Goes

In order to get rid of your grease waste, you will need to have it inspected and cleaned by a certified grease trap pumper. If you have more than 55 gallons of grease to get rid of, you will need to hire a registered waste grease transporter to remove the grease and take care of it.

Front Range Septic is a licensed and bonded waste grease transporter with the Colorado Department of Public Health Environment. So we can haul your waste to its designated area and ensure it’s taken care of according to the state.

During this process, we will provide a complete pump-out of your grease trap’s contents. Then once the trap is empty,all of the grease waste will be sent to a registered collection facility for disposal. Generally, this will be a composting facility, biodiesel manufacturer, or a landfill that is registered to accept grease waste.

Your waste could also be transported to wastewater treatment facilities if it has been accepted to do so. Upon disposal of the material, we will provide you a copy of the Waste Grease Manifest showing it was properly disposed of for your records.

Hire a Grease Waste Professional

Front Range Septic will ensure that your grease trap is cleaned and the waste is properly disposed of. Give us a call today for any of your grease trap inspection, maintenance, cleaning, or disposal services. Plus when you hire us, there’s no need to worry about abiding by state law because we’re registered to transport grease waste in Colorado.