Restaurant grease trap cleaning is an essential part of the commercial food industry. Often times, grease traps are overlooked when conducting a routine cleaning. However, they’re an important part to the maintenance of a safe, clean, and well kept kitchen.

Knowing when your grease trap needs cleaned isn’t the easiest task. There’s no gauge or meter to notify when it’s time for a cleaning. Instead, it’s usually up to the restaurant owner or kitchen manager. In Larimer County, the County mandates the frequency of your grease trap cleaning services. All grease trap cleaning in Colorado must be performed by a licensed and bonded pumper.

Set A Grease Trap Cleaning Schedule

If you’re outside of Larimer County or in an area where the County doesn’t schedule your grease trap services for you, it’s important to set a schedule and stick to it. Because there’s not a definitive way to measure and schedule your grease trap cleaning, it’s best to schedule a regular date to get the maintenance.

It’s mandatory for restaurant owners to clean their grease trap. The frequency can vary from yearly, quarterly or monthly based on a restaurant’s volume.

Signs Your Grease Trap Needs Cleaning

Knowing the signs of trouble will help you know if your grease trap needs cleaned before your scheduled service. If a grease trap is not properly cleaned and maintained, it could lead to a dangerous situation or cost you a lot of money to clean or repair it.

Sign of Trouble Include:

  • Noticeable Odor: When solid food waste and FOG (fats, oils, and grease) sit in your grease trap for too long, it will begin to smell. So if you have a spotless kitchen, but something still smells a little fishy, it’s probably a good time to get your grease trap cleaned.
  • Drainage Issues: Due to an overloaded grease trap, your sink(s) could begin to have drainage issues. If you notice your sink(s) aren’t draining or they begin to drain very slowly then it’s time to look into your grease trap. If your grease trap tank reached capacity, it’s best to call in an expert for help.

Hire a Professional

If you’re having any troubles with your grease trap or you’re in need of a cleaning service, please don’t hesitate to call in a professional before it’s too late. Front Range Septic provides grease trap services for a reasonable price to customers across Northern Colorado. We serve both commercial businesses and individuals in rural and community locations, ensuring compliance with your City and County regulations.