Septic tank odor can be a huge signifier that something is wrong with your system. Generally, when a septic tank is experiencing issues or malfunctions, it will release a distinct and unpleasant odor. The odor occurs because the sewage gases escape the system rather than stay within the tank.

Because septic system smells are usually a sign of some serious issues, they need to be addressed as soon as possible. So if you do notice something smells a little fishy, pun intended, then you should contact a septic system professional near you before the issue gets worse.

In this blog, we will discuss the most common causes of septic tank odor.

Main Causes of Septic Tank Odor

Clogged & Dry Drains

If your drain is clogged, it could also dry out the drain, which can lead to a foul odor. This occurs because the gases that usually flow through the drain get backed up and enter into your home. The best thing to do if you suspect your drain is clogged is a call a plumber for an inspection.

Changes in the Weather

During the colder season, you could experience many issues with you tank including blockages or even a frozen septic system. When frost or ice begin to build up around the plumbing pipe vent, it could cause a blockage. This will re-route the sewage gases into your house.

A sure sign that this has occurred is if you can only smell the odor inside the home and nowhere else. The best thing to do if this is the case is to either call in an expert or you can check the plumbing vent and carefully remove any frost or ice that you find on it.

The Tank is Too Full

It’s so important to get your septic tank regularly pumped. You should schedule annual check-ups with a professional septic tank pumper to ensure the tank doesn’t get too full. A lack of pumping could cause odor issues because medication and sulphur gas do not smell great after they’ve been sitting in the system for a long time.

Also if the pump in your septic system is no longer working, it could cause similar problems. Your wastewater will begin to build up and the system will need to be serviced immediately.

Blockage in the Venting System

Another huge issue that could lead to a stinky outcome could be if your venting system becomes blocked. This could occur if you recently landscaped or had work done to your house without keeping in mind where the vent is located.

If the vent isn’t allowing the gases to escape then it could result in a toxic hazard. Also the gases are flammable so it’s important to address the situation before an even bigger problem occurs. If you aren’t sure where your vents are located or if you’re worried there might be an issue then contact a professional immediately.

Contact a Professional

Front Range Septic offers 24/7 emergency services in case you end up in a dangerous situation and need immediate assistance. We also offer maintenance, pumping, and check-up services throughout Northern Colorado to ensure your septic system is running smoothly.

So if you notice septic tank odor, need a regular service, or would just like to speak with a trained professional, give us at call today at 970-302-0457!