How often should I pump my tank?

Every 3-4 years is recommended depending on how many are in the house. Pumping your tank prevents excess solids from building up in your tank. If the tank fills up with excess solids, the wastewater will not have enough time to settle and could pass solids into the...

My tank is full; do I need to pump it?

The normal operating level of your tank is at the lower portion of your inbound & outbound pipes. If the liquid level is above these pipes, you need to be pumped.

How much will it cost to pump my tank?

It depends on the size of your tank, but the average cost is between $300-500. This may seem expensive, but if you resided in town you would be paying a monthly sewer charge. It is more cost effective to maintain your system with proper cleaning than to replace...

How do I find my septic?

If you have “as built” plans they should indicate where the tank and leach field is located. You can also check your yard for concrete, steel or plastic lids/manhole covers. You might try to contact your local Environmental Health Department. They may have records on...

How many lids should I have?

This question depends on the year your house was built. Typically, homes built after 1975 will have two or more lids. Call us and we can help you determine how many lids your system might have.